Multi-instrumentalist, producer, and educator, Tyler Sussman creates music to inspire, heal, and connect humanity and all life on Earth.

In 2007, Tyler moved from a California beach to Midtown Manhattan. After immersing in NYC's jazz scene, Tyler knew he needed a more peaceful lifestyle to sustain health and happiness. He followed his heart on a “sound healing journey” through the Pacific Northwest, Burning Man, and solitary sound-exploration in Costa Rican wilderness. Tyler experienced transcendental healing through the power of sound and began integrating his jazz/classical training with sound healing technologies.

Now living in Brooklyn, New York, Tyler performs and produces music that combines elements of jazz/funk/world and ambient/minimalist/electronic both as a soloist and in collaboration with musicians, vocalists, meditation/yoga teachers, and organizations.

Tyler works extensively with vocalist Aya Trenier and created Aya and Tyler’s album “Oshuns of Love.” They are currently working on Aya's new album and perform regularly throughout the NYC area.

Tyler is also an educator of children and adults. He teaches K-12 music classes at Saint Ann’s School and Sound Healing/Music Meditation classes at WOOM Center and ISHTA Yoga. Tyler envisions a sustainable, progressive, and long-term elevation of universal musical literacy effectively making the communicative, expressive, and healing benefits of music available to everyone. He works tirelessly to make this education process smooth, affordable, integrated with technology, and used to fuel social and environmental reform from the grassroots level.